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After exploring the various possibilities of chamber music (Strings Attached) and getting completely lost in electronics (74 Miles Away), Stefan Bracaval and Pierre Anckaert felt the urge to get back to essentials: a piano, a flute, nothing more.

Woodworks takes you on a trip to pristine destinations where you will find yourself forgetting about the differences between classical, jazz and world music. 


"Música para soñar, pensar y viajar sin documentos. Las composiciones te hacen pensar .Y sus intérpretes soñar y viajar. Sencillo y profundo. Que más se puede pedir ¿?Que sigan haciendo música es mi propuesta" -Jorge Pardo (flautist of the legendary Paco de Lucia Septet, Chick Corea,...)


Their music conceals the finest emotions within a disciplined architecture -Chris Joris

Along A Line   Shh.

Arrangements for Chamber ensemble & flautist.

Stefan Bracaval Quartet (2007):

Composition, arrangement for string ensemble & soloist:

Silent Night arrangement for the Flemish Radio Choir  (2016)
arrangements for string ensemble & rhythm section